A Solar Garden is a community shared solar array with grid-connected subscribers. Homes and businesses, even if shaded by trees, receive a bill credit as if the panels were on their own roof using “virtual net metering”. The Solar Gardens Institute (SGI) promotes the development of community solar arrays. Land owners, community groups, local governments, utilities and solar integratorscontact us to learn more.

A Solar Gardener is a combination community organizer and project manager who helps communities go solar together. Visit the solar gardener training page to see videos of previous trainings. The Community Solar Gardens Act was implemented in Colorado in 2012.

Conventional Energy Model – A one way system – energy flows to you, money flows away

Community Energy Model – A neighborhood array provides power for homes and businesses and sells excess to the grid

Link: Colorado Community Solar Gardens Final Rules – September 12, 2011

Says SolarGardens.org founder Joy Hughes, “Now everyone can go solar.  For the first time, low-income homeowners and renters will be able to go solar.  Solar gardens are sprouting up everywhere!”

By pooling resources and buying panels as a group, a community can save money and give subscribers a lower cost than going it alone.

Visit the About page and FAQ to learn more about organizing your community to go solar!

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